Savage Worlds Flash Gordon Kickstarter


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for Flash Gordon.  I love the old serials (three of them), the old comics, and I can even tolerate that campy 1970s movie.  So, when the Savage Worlds Flash Gordon Kickstarter occurred, I jumped on the bandwagon to get the figures.   I have just about every other manufacturer’s Flash Gordon figures, but you can never had too many Flash Gordon figures — at least that’s what I tell my wife.

Since I have been home this week (first of several), I have been getting some painting done in the evenings.  Last night I finished the Flash Gordon figures from the Kickstarter.

Princess Aura and Ming the Merciless.

I painted these figures in comic book colors.  The figures have nice animation and styling that is consistent with the Alex Raymond drawings.

Three of Ming’s soldiers.

The space ship in the background was made from a Denny’s happy meal sip cup.

Dale Arden, Flash Gordon, and Dr. Zarkov.

All of the figures were fun and easy to paint.

Prince Thun of the Lion Men, Prince Barin of Arboria, and Prince Voltan of the Hawkmen.

And for some reason when I pulled these figures out of the to-be-painted box, I also pulled this Superman figure.  I don’t know where it came from or who was the manufacturer, but I painted it up anyway.  I don’t even play superhero games; although, To Be Continued… by GASLIGHT has rules for Pulp-era superheroes.  Does anyone know who made this figure?

Grenadier Superman figure.

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5 thoughts on “Savage Worlds Flash Gordon Kickstarter

  1. These are absolutely spot on! Love ’em! Figures are great, spaceship is brilliant. You probably already know about them, but Hydra Miniatures do a War Rocket range of spaceships very much in the Flash Gordon mould, and also Retro Raygun minis if you want ground troops.

  2. bucksurdu says:

    Thanks for the pointers. Yes, I have all the War Rocket ships and most of the Retro Raygun figures. Like I said, you can’t have too many Flash Gordon Figures. Also, take a look at this link ( for some terrain pieces. The ships are about the size of the smaller War Rocket ships.

  3. These look fantastic and I love your Flash Gordon stuff. The scratch build spaceship is a nice backdrop. I think the Superman is a Grenadier John Dennett sculpt

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