Drantakh Empire Troopers


Badger Games (https://shop.badgergames.com/category.sc?categoryId=87) carries these really neat Drantakh troops.  Greg suggested that I paint them with the original Lost in Space silver jump suits.

I completed the heavy weapons and command group figures.  I will begin working on the rank-and-file riflemen soon.

Some Drantakh command troops

Drantakh command group figures

Drantakh anti-tank rocket launchers

Drantakh heavy machine-gun crews

Drantakh mortar teams

Drantakh flame thrower and heavy laser thingy

I also recently ordered the tanks for the Drantakh.  I really like these figures and plan to pit them against my Pig Iron troops soon using Combat Patrol™: WWII.

from Buck’s Blog http://bucksurdu.com/blog/?p=7763
from Tumblr http://tumblr.hawks-club.org/post/174549727393


3 thoughts on “Drantakh Empire Troopers

  1. So cool…must resist buying… must face Mark 1 Sphere Tanks! I really like these, and the painting scheme works!

  2. Faust says:

    Those are some awesome models. Always nice to see something new and unique!

  3. bucksurdu says:

    Thanks. That’s what I thought when I first saw these figures. They are unique and interesting.

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