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Scroll Rack for Frostgrave’s Library

Chris Palmer    After making a bunch of bookshelves for our upcoming Frostgrave Library scenario game, I thought I’d also try my hand at a scroll rack.
   I used a style similar to the bookshelves I’ve been making; but instead of using two large flat pieces glued to each side of a foursome of wood cubes, I used just one central large flat piece, and glued the siding around the edges of it.  I then glued all the crosshatched slanted pieces on to each side.

    The scrolls were made from some off-white paper I had, cut into short 2 inch by .75 inch sections and rolled around a toothpick and glued along the loose edge.  I then cut them into little scroll sized segments and glued them into place.

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The Vashta Nerada of Frostgrave

Chris Palmer      As many of my readers will know, I have been busy these past few weeks building bookcases for our upcoming Frostgrave Campaign game where we will be playing the Library scenario from the core rulebook.  With discussion of what we wanted to do for our game, the conversation naturally turned to two other famous libraries in geek fandom: the spirit infested library from Ghostbusters, and the Vashta Nerada infested one from the Dr Who double episodes, “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead”.
     So after talking about someone making a pile of symmetrically stacked books, and having an angry wraith librarian going around telling the combatants, “Shhh!”, the idea was put forth to include the famous “piranhas of the air”: the Vashta Nerada.
      These microscopic organisms, in high concentrations, appear as shadows; and use this appearance as a way to hide and sneak up on their prey.   So I pondered how to make “shadows” as a game figure, and I hit upon the idea of lightly spraying thin plastic cut from a blister pack with black spray paint.

      So I cut out a couple of rough rhombus shapes to look something like the shadow cast by a bookshelf.  I then sprayed one side lightly with flat black spray paint just enough so that you could still see through them.

This Man-at-Arms has heard the stories of the lost libraries of Frostgrave, and is a bit worried about stepping into the shadow of this bookcase (as he should be!).

      The plan is to use them as some of the randomly appearing beasts in the game; and  in talking about it, we may use the Wraith stats from the rulebook for their move and combat abilities.

While the Man-at-Arms suspects the shadow on the right is being cast by the bookcase, he’s a bit concerned as to what exactly is casting the shadow on the left. 

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The End is Near…But Not Quite Yet!

Chris Palmer

      We’ve had a house guest staying over this past week, and my painting time ended up being reduced to almost nothing.  So, I was unable to get much work done on my last figure, the Male Storm Giant, much less finish it.

   Therefore, I will set my sights on Monday to get this fellow finished and posted; and wrapping up my Bones 1 Kickstarter painting project!

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The Frostgrave Library – Work in Progress

Don Hogge
Been busy making bookcases for the Frostgrave Library scenario – as have several others.

Bookcase building begins
Wonder what made this hole…and is it still around?
This is three linear feet of bookcases
Another bookcase and a map table
Some more bookcases, a pile of old books and a stack
 of books – “no human being would stack books like this”
Still making books to fill the shelves
A laser cut bookcase from “Things from the Basement”
Another bookcase – all the important tomes appear to have been looted. 
And a new treasure token – books of course.

Just a couple days left to finish these up before campaign game day on Saturday.  I got some of the ideas here from the Frostgrave thread on the Lead Adventures forum

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