NashCon 2016

Don Hogge
Finally got around to posting my pictures from NashCon 2016.  This was in my drafts folder and forgotten about – till now…..

My Battleground WWII Pacific Island Game
A view of the initial set-up
Another view
A close up view
An another view….

A bunker’s eye view….
The Marines approach the village
The Marine deployment
The Marines taking fire from the Japanese
Marines assault a Japanese position
Marine assault the bunker

The Game Master and half the players
A great looking Naval game

Another shot of the Naval game
An one more view….
My troops in Doc Dave’s WWI Trench Game
Doc Dave explaining the rules
Carnage in front of the trench
Combat Patrol game being played on same table, same scenario
Another view of the Combat Patrol game
A 15mm Battleground game set in Normandy
Great looking terrain
A view of the Kings of War tournament area
Another  view of the Kings of War tournament area
A view of the War Machine tournament area
A view of the 40K tournament area
A 20mm Battleground Game set in Russia
The German armor masses for the attack
An aerial recon photo…..
The fighting gets intense….

  NashCon is a great convention.  This was my third trip from Maryland – and all three trips have been great.  The few photos I’ve posted here doesn’t do the convention justice.  A lot of great looking games were hosted through the three day event.

from Wargaming Notes
from Tumblr


2 thoughts on “NashCon 2016

  1. bucksurdu says:

    Wow, Don. Way to keep up with current events. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, great pics

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