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A Platoon of Poles


A squad of Polish soldiers, 1939

The theme for Fall In 2016 in November is Poland.  I have always enjoyed the early WWII campaigns, including Poland.  I have quite a few 20mm / 1:72 scale figures, but I have been slowly duplicating my 20mm WWII collection with 28mm figures, which I like better.  I signed up to run a very large 10mm Look, Sarge, No Charts: World War II game, the battle of Lvov in Poland in 1939, and two 28mm skirmish games with Combat Patrol ™.  Since I didn’t have 28mm Polish, I needed to get a platoon painted up quickly.

A closer view of the Polish squad

To assemble a platoon of Poles to run my Combat Patrol ™ games at Fall In, immediately upon returning from Historicon in July, I ordered a platoon of Poles in 28mm from Warlord.  It took several weeks to file, prime, base, and paint these 60 figures, but I finished them this weekend.

Polish Anti-Tank Rifle Team in the Platoon HQ

I block painted the figures and then dipped them in the lighter brown shade from Army Painter.  This is the first time I tried to completely dip figures with Army Painter rather than brushing it on the figures.  I am pleased with the effect.  I don’t see myself using this technique on 18th century figures, where I will want the brighter colors, but I am pleased with the speed and effect on WWII figures.

Company Mortar that I may attach to my Polish platoon for special missions

Polish squads could be quite large, as large as 18 men, including two leaders and a  version of the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) produced under license in Poland.  My squads are a little smaller than that, at 16 figures.

Polish 75mm field gun

Warlord, one of the few — perhaps the only — manufacturers of 28mm Polish infantry, also makes a 75mm gun and a 37mm gun.  I didn’t quite get the color right on the guns, but they are passable.  Neither gun would be organic to a platoon, or even a company, but again, they will mike nice attached support weapons for specific scenarios.

Polish 37mm anti-tank gun

The platoon HQ

The platoon HQ should be five men, including the two-man anti-tank rifle team.  The machine-gun would not be organic to the platoon, but might be assigned by from battalion or company for specific missions.

There is nothing like committing to run games at a convention, when you don’t have all the figures to run the games, to provide the necessary impetus to get painting done.  I am very satisfied with the platoon and will be quite happy to field them on a gaming table soon.

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Or is that Roo-men?  Sometime in ancient history, Ral Partha made a single pack of figures, called Rooman War Party, which had Roomans in two poses, but all armed with pikes or spears.  They are no longer available.  Over the years, I collected dozens of the originals, but they have become quite rare, even on Ebay.  Recently, my buddy Ma’k contacted Iron Wind Metals about these figures, but the molds are lost to time.  So, Ma’k made a mold of the Roomans, and I added crossbows and swords.

I had a little time this weekend to paint up these figures.  These re-casts have slightly less relief than the originals, so my dry brushing didn’t turn out all that well, but I am happy with the results.  No my phalanx of Rooman pikemen will have support from some crossbows.

I also had a chance to add some science fiction weapons to a few of them.  The weapons are from War-games Supply Dump in their Dirk Garrison range.  These were not the kinds of conversions that win figure contests, but they will work well in my science fiction games.

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