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My Frostgrave Sigilist and Apprentice

My Frostgrave Sigilist and Apprentice

I had a busy Saturday, but this Sunday I had a chance to get some painting done.  Saturday I played in a Tekumel game run by Bill at Games and Stuff using GASLIGHT.  The game was quite fun.  While at the hobby store I finally found the Frostgrave sigilist figure I have been wanting to pick up for my party in Chris’ Frostgrave campaign. I chose a sigilist as my wizard because I like these figures.  I don’t know if they are any good in the game.  My first outing was less than stellar.  I really like the green paint scheme on the packaging for these figures, but I decided not to merely copy that paint scheme.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out.

Dave and Brenda Wood

Dave and Brenda Wood

A couple weekends ago, I stopped by Dave’s house, and we was cleaning out some of his unpainted lead mountain.  He had this pack that he said he would never use.  It is called 09-004 Kroger the Gorilla with Damsel in Cage in the old Ral Partha line, The Titans of Terror.  I have named these figures Dave (the gorilla) and Brenda.

Publicity shot of Dragon Bait Miniatures Fish Men

Publicity shot of Dragon Bait Miniatures Fish Men

Several months back, I bought into an Indigogo project from Dragon Bait Miniatures for a set of fish men.  I received mine a few weeks ago and painted them up this weekend.  Above is the publicity picture from the crowdfunding page.  Below are my version.

Chris and I are talking about another underwater GASLIGHT game in the foreseeable future.

Pulp Figures Villistas

Pulp Figures Villistas

Throughout the week I picked away at these a color here and color there, but I finished a bunch of Pulp Figures Villistas.  I purchased these at Historicon last Summer.  The picture is a little blurry, but I am happy with how they turned out.

Pulp Figures Americans from their Villista line

Pulp Figures Americans from their Villista line

Though not completed, I also assembled and primed a bunch of science fiction vehicles and figures I recently purchased from Pig Iron.  I will begin painting the figures this week, but I won’t be painting the vehicles until it gets warm enough for me to set up a table in the back yard and pull out my airbrush.  I have eight science fiction vehicles a 1:48 Sherman, a 1:48 Hetzer, three 1:48 SdKfz 251s, and a 1:48 German truck that are all awaiting warm weather.

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4 thoughts on “Painting Results

  1. cnjpalmer says:

    Wow, everything looks great! I like how your Sigilists turned out.

  2. Very cool Buck. I especially appreciate Dave as a Gorilla. 😄 The Sigilists are cool, hope they can roll dice. And it’s supposed to get warm here this week (near 70) so hopefully you can get going on the vehicles. Great detail on the fish men, they look cool too.

  3. bucksurdu says:

    Thanks. My sigilist probably won’t enjoy any better die rolling than with the older figure. To the best of my painting ability the scroll says “Combat Patrol Surdu” in dwarfish runes.

    • cnjpalmer says:

      Yes, being the new figures in the table dooms them to inglorious death.

      I like the subtle advertising on your Sigilists scroll, though her expression makes me think of Ralphie in the Christmas Story after he deciphers the secret message (or in your Sigilist’s case the scroll), “A crumby commercial?!?!” 🙂
      While, her apprentice reads the “Manual on the Care and Feeding or Gurads”….

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