Vintage Tolkien figures

Rob Dean

I have been continuing to play around with some vintage figures lately, and finished these two off this morning.  The goblin on the left is an old Minifigs ME50.  I used to have a horde of 40 or more of these guys back in the day, but they went to a friend in a trade deal long ago.  He still has them, by the way, so perhaps I will see them in action again one day.

The figure on the right is a Ral Partha E551 Southron spearman, from 1976, an early Tom Meier sculpt.

I am hoping to get all of the recent vintage individuals into a skirmish game soon…

via The Sharp End of the Brush
from Tumblr

One thought on “Vintage Tolkien figures

  1. Very cool. I have been getting a bunch of the old Ral Partha & Grenadier mini’s and cleaning them up. Hope to start painting soon especially as I have over 200 coming from the Kickstarter. Nice work.

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