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Reaper Launches New Bones Kickstarter

Chris Palmer

Reaper launched their new Bones Kickstarter this morning, and have already reached over $500k in support from 5000+ backers at the time I’m writing this.

The big question now is to back, or not to back.   The box of over 200+ unpainted minis sitting next to my painting table is a big incentive not to, but the thought of all those inexpensive minis and large monsters is very appealing.   Note now they are having you pledge in at increasingly later ship times to help keep the shipping more manageable this time.  Also, for a $1 Pledge you can get access to all the add on monsters, etc.

via All Bones About It http://bit.ly/18psRlk

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Eskimo Cavalry


At Historicon, these figures called to me.  They are Eskimo cavalry riding polar bears and some sort of yak-like animal produced by Sergeant Major’s Miniatures.  I just had to have them to add to my Northland Adventures collection.

The mounts were cast in two pieces.  The rider’s right hands were separate and had to be glued onto the arms.  I am looking forward to seeing them in a game.

via Buck’s Blog http://bit.ly/1eVpurc

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