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New Old Glory “Wars of Ozz” Figures

Chris Palmer   Old Glory is going to be releasing a new line of figures with accompanying rules early next year called “Wars for Ozz”; They are based heavily on the original L. Frank Baum books, but with their own unique twist.  I was lucky enough to be part of the rules development team, and had a chance to get my hands on some of the figures to paint before their general release.
     These are a couple of the Allied units, which can be added to the forces of any of the four major factions in the game: Munchkins, Quadlings, Winkies, and Gullikins.

   The first is a unit of Skeleton warriors.

  And the second is a unit of fierce. Pumpkinmen

     I was really impressed with these excellent figures.  They have a lot of character and were a joy to paint!

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