Friday at the HAWKs BARRAGE Convention

Chris Palmer    This past weekend was the HAWK’s annual BARRAGE miniatures wargaming convention.  We had a good crowd for Friday, and a great time was to be had! Here are some shots of a few of the games on Friday.

Sam Fuson’s “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Blue Carbuncle” game using GASLIGHT rules

A War of the Roses Skirmish I ran using Feudal Patrol rules.

John Thomasovich’s “Smolensk 1941: The Encirclement” game using modified KISS Rommel rules

Bill Slavicsek’s Star Wars RPG game using the Star Wars Role Playing Game rules

Rob Dean’s Medieval Mayhem game using homebrew rules.
Bill Molyneaux’s 55 Days at Peking game using homebrew rules.

Roxanne Patton’s Semper Adversor game using Combat Patrol rules

Mike Pierce’s Flank Encounter 1862 game using Sharp Practice rules.

via One More Gaming Project
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