Some Miscellaneous Figures


An armored rider on an armored mount — very historical.

I was gone for work the past two weekends.  in fact by the time I returned on Sunday night, I had already worked over 80 hours this two week pay period — and still had five days left.  I did manage, two weeks ago, however, to get a few things painted.  I had the Conquistador figure (above) painted for quite some time, but I was looking for just the right mount.  I found this spiky turtle creature in a bin at Historicon last month, and it called to me.

Several weeks ago, I scored some old Archive space dwarves on Ebay, and I had a chance to paint them up.

Space Dwarf Pirates from Archive Miniatures

More space dwarves from Archive

I had piggy backed on an order by Chris for Reaper Bones MCMDXLII for some snake men, a giant alligator, and a few other odds and end.  I managed to paint the alligator before disappearing for ten days.

Reaper Bones alligator

Finally, many months ago, when I ordered some Warlord bren carriers to get the crews (see previous post on this topic), they came with a kit to make some smoke markers.  Mark’s recent post about making smoke markers for What a Tanker reminded me that I had this in the to-do box.  While watching on TV with CINC domicile, I put them together.

Smoke markers from Warlord.

from Buck’s Blog
from Tumblr

One thought on “Some Miscellaneous Figures

  1. Love these. The conquistador is epic. You even have some of my Archive faves here. Hoping your work schedule gets better. And I even managed to get you to inspired to pop smoke! Looking forward to BARRAGE!

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