Retreat from Moscow at Historicon 2019


I ran a fun Combat Patrol™ game at Historicon using the Napoleonic supplement rules.  It featured a ragtag group of starving Frenchmen trying to reach the safety of a small Russian village while the pursuing Russians worked to stop them.

Lindybiege moves his French troops.

The Russians came from all sides of the table.  Most of the Frenchmen were in a small column in the center of the table.  The French were aided by some early card draws and unusually fast movement.

The French cavalry reach the outskirts of town where they were quickly engaged by fanatical Russian priests.

Dave Wood helps keep the game moving.

Pursuing Russian infantry.

When the game ended, the French had the better part of four teams (five figures each) into the town’s buildings.  The Russians have four teams of infantry and some remnants of other units. We had to call the game, because the hotel was going to kick us out of the hall, and it was clear that the French would be able to hold out against attacks by the remaining infantry.

I think all the players had a good time.  I made a few tweaks to the scenario after the play test at a HAWKs night, and it seemed to really make the scenario work well.

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One thought on “Retreat from Moscow at Historicon 2019

  1. Dave ALWAYS keeps the game moving!

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