A box of molds arrives

Rob Dean

A new project

I really don’t need a new project, so, of course, I bought one.  A box with an assortment of Zinnbrigade molds for late 19th century Germans (and one SCAD mold for an 1870 French chasseur a pied) arrived yesterday.  Reading up on the French Revolution led to reading about the Paris Commune of 1871, which led to the Franco-Prussian War at large.  My son has been working on late 19th century imagi-nations in 1/72 plastic off and on for some time, but I have been planning for A Gentleman’s War in 40mm, so through the wonders of the Internet, an order was placed.  I will have to supplement with artillery from Irregular at least, and they may end up as my main source of FPW French.

via The Sharp End of the Brush http://sharpbrush.blogspot.com/2019/06/a-box-of-molds-arrives.html
from Tumblr https://harfordhawks.tumblr.com/post/185913138683

2 thoughts on “A box of molds arrives

  1. I think you’ll like FPW wargaming! I’m trying to get my 1:72/20mm armies ready for next year, the 150th anniversary of the war. Good luck with this new project!

  2. PinotNoir says:

    Need artilleryman castings. Have cavalrymen (dragoons) and caisson riders/team riders as well as other infantry. Need two crews. Swap possible?

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