Cold Wars in the HAWKs Room


Below are some pictures I took in the HAWKs room this past weekend at Cold Wars.


Greg’s This is Not a Test game on winter terrain:

Duncan’s Soynara Gringo game:

This game is based on a report in the newspapers in 1916.  It was reported that Japanese had landed in Mexico and were preparing to invade the US.  In this scenario, Japanese with a few Mexicans were attacking into Mexico.

Dave Wood’s Colonial Combat Patrol™ game:

Zeb Cook’s High Himalayas pulp game:

My Combat Patrol™ 1939 Winter War game:


Chris Palmer’s Feudal Patrol™ War of the Roses game:

This game featured the under-development Feudal Patrol rules based on Combat Patrol™: WWII.

My Barbarossa Combat Patrol™ game:

This game involved German infantry supported by the 211th Armored Battalion, which was equipped with captured French tanks, attacking the Russians near Murmansk.   This scenario was based on a true incident.

Thou it didn’t win an award, I was quite happy with the look of the table.  The players seemed to have a good time.

Bill Molyneau running Beer and Pretzels Ironclads:

Mike and Kevin Fisher running a stompy robot game:

My GASLIGHT game, called Tales of the Gold Monkey:

This was a typical GASLIGHT free-for-all with multiple factions trying to round up treasure in the jungle.  Most of the board was just palm trees.  As the factions began to explore I placed more terrain, natives, creatures, and treasure.

Geoff’s Lego Pirate game for kids:

Dave Wood’s Look, Sarge, No Charts: World War II game:

This was the first war-game ever for the person in the green shirt on the right.

Harry and Michael Kogleshotz’ Samurai game:

Harry used Blood and Swash for this game.

Steve’s WWI game:

Bill Acheson’s Combat Patrol™ game set in Italy:

Bill had a relative who won a Distinguished Service Cross in this battle.

There were a number of other nice games, but I was busy running my four games and didn’t get pictures of them all.  Zeb Cook ran a very nice looking Finland 1939 game using Combat Patrol™, but I don’t have any pictures of it.

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3 thoughts on “Cold Wars in the HAWKs Room

  1. Great stuff all. Hope to see some (at least 1!) at HAVOC, several of you at HUZZAH, AND many of you at FALL IN!

  2. bucksurdu says:

    Thanks. It was a good time. I hope folks we lost in all the angst and acrimony over venues will return to pack our room again in future conventions.

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