Hydra Miniatures Retro Raygun Valkeeri


Some years ago, I purchase the dismounted Hydra Miniatures Valkeeri, and I use them as “Venusians” or other suitable aliens for my pulp games.

Dismounted Valkeeri from Hydra Miniatures.

A few months ago I ordered several of them on rocket sleds.  Today I finished painting them.  I didn’t get the skin color to match exactly, but they are close enough.

Watch for these in a GASLIGHT game near you.

from Buck’s Blog http://bucksurdu.com/blog/?p=8496
from Tumblr http://harfordhawks.tumblr.com/post/183037647818

6 thoughts on “Hydra Miniatures Retro Raygun Valkeeri

  1. Very cool, love the retro look and the colors. Gotta love purple speeders. What is your source for the acrylic flying stands?

  2. bucksurdu says:

    Mark, the rockets sleds came with the bases and lucite rods. I have purchased similar rods on line that I use to make flight stands.

  3. Ah, I keep looking for a source for those

  4. cnjpalmer says:

    Great job on the flyers, Buck! Can’t wait to see those in a game.

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