Sarissa Precision Peel Tower


I started to build this peel tower for my border rievers games.  This was a nice kit.  I did a bunch of the painting before assembly, which was the right answer, but I think I could do a much better job if I was to build a second one.

Sarissa Precision peel tower.

All the doors open with tape hinges.

Another view.

A third view.

Bottom floor.

The next floor.

Third floor (in U.S.) or second floor (in the U.K.)

Top floor

I can’t wait to get this on the table!

from Buck’s Blog
from Tumblr

5 thoughts on “Sarissa Precision Peel Tower

  1. Looks great, you’ve done well. I’ve got some buildings coming from the same manufacturer for my pirate project. Is the mdf quite stable or does it feel flimsy?

    • Buck Surdu says:

      No, they don’t feel flimsy at all. Except for the pointy roof, you can probably stand on the peel tower. I am a big fan of the products from Sally 4th, Sarissa, and Crescent Root. They are all great products, and they mix well together.

  2. kennynines says:

    I was just going to ask that question. Looks great, good job.

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