Some Recent Vehicles for Combat Patrol(TM) Games


Stug. III Bs from Tamiya

Despite working a string of 50-60 hour weeks and missing most of my club’s gaming events, I have managed to complete a handful of 1:48 vehicles.  I can do these a little at a time, so they fit into my work schedule where painting the 80 Russian infantry sitting on the painting table have had to take a back seat.

2x 1:48 scale BA-64B’s from Tamiya

2x 1:48 scale British Bedford trucks from Tamiya

British 7-ton Armored Car Mk. IV in 1:48 scale from Tamiya

Japanese staff car with the top down from Tamiya

The same staff car with the top up. I think this car looks “cute.”

Two 1:48 scale BA-6 armored cars from Butler’s Printed Models

British light utility car from Tamiya

T-28 tank from Butler’s Printed Models

2x M-8 Greyhound armored cars from Tamiya

Russian 1.5 ton Zis truck, 1941, by Tamiya.

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0 thoughts on “Some Recent Vehicles for Combat Patrol(TM) Games

  1. Nice selection of vehicles there and pretty good progress!

  2. bucksurdu says:

    Thanks. Starting in March at Cold Wars, a couple of us plan to use early Barbarosa as our theme for the year. That’s why I’ve been working on light and early war Russian and German vehicles.

  3. These look great Buck. Nice collection and a lot to get done on top of work. I don’t get that much done on my status!


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