Pulp Figures, Star Wars Tower, and Crooked Dice Cultists


Pulp Figures French Foreign Legion figures.

I purchased a number of Pulp Figures packs at Historicon, and I finally got around to painting them.  My unpaired lead collection is getting dangerously low.  I like these figures.  They have the stereotypical Bob Murch style and animation, which I love.  My only complaint is that there aren’t enough poses to make a nice unit for skirmish gaming.

I also purchased a pack of the masked avengers figures.  It turns out that I already had this set, but I painted it anyway, this time in different colors than the first set.

The Green Hornet and Cato.

Other masked avengers.

I have been slowly painting the Star Wars buildings I got from Imperial Terrain.  My daughter painted the first one (see previous post).  I knocked this one out this weekend.

These are staged with Matchbox scout troopers on speeder bikes.  These can be found on Ebay for a couple of dollars, while the Collectable Miniatures figures are $10 or more — if you can even find them.

Finally, I knocked out these Crooked Dice female cultists that I picked up some time ago.

from Buck’s Blog http://bucksurdu.com/blog/?p=7291
from Tumblr http://tumblr.hawks-club.org/post/169733280758

One thought on “Pulp Figures, Star Wars Tower, and Crooked Dice Cultists

  1. All nice stuff, figures and scenery! Foreign Legion are always a favourite with me!
    Like ’em,

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