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No Figure Today :(

Chris Palmer

  Just a heads up to let folks know that I did not finish a figure to post today.  The week was just too busy with Christmas activities and getting stuff ready for our big double-header final Frostgrave Christmas game, and our test Ghost Archipelago game.
       Tune in again, next Monday for the next figure!

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Recently Painted Stuff


Attack of the space worms from outer space with space weapons — did I mention they’re from space?

I recently received these space worms from Hydra Miniatures.  I really like them.  Service from Hydra was excellent.

When I work them into a Combat Patrol game, I may give them the ability to burrow through the ground and come up behind the enemy.

I also ordered these ducks from New Zealand.  I really like them, and I recently bought into his new Kickstarter.

My new contingent of fantasy ducks.

My duck warrior

Another duck warrior of the dragon clan.

Mohawk duck warrior

A duck wizard

One of Robin Hood’s Merry Ducks perhaps?

Female duck cleric ready to whomp someone with that hammer.  You better remember to put down the toilet seat, bub!

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Event List for Barrage Almost Full


The event listing for Barrage 2017 (which will be held January 19 and 20, 2018) is nearly full.  We can handle a couple more Friday and Saturday games, but if you take a look at the Web page, you will see many great events.

Go to the Web page, www.hawks-barrage.org, and create an account.  Then you can register for the convention.  Once registered, you can submit games or sign up for games.  If after you sign up for a game, something else catches your eye, you can change your mind.

Don’t miss out on this excellent two-day event.  Come for both days.  Come early, stay late.  Bring a buddy.

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