Recent painting odds and ends


Pulp Figures Woodland Indians

Over the past week and a half, I have had lots going on, so I have been painting small projects that I could knock out quickly.  Here are pictures I took this evening of things I have finished recently.

Pulp Figures Volcano Queen set

Colonel Klink, Colonel Hogan, and Sergeant Schultz from

Female Adventuress / Pilot (I think from Pulp Figures)

Crooked Dice female minions for 70s spy type games

It was kind of fun to do some figures in a uniform again.  This made the painting much faster than when every figure is an individual.  Of course, you have to like the figures on these figures.  🙂


from Buck’s Blog
from Tumblr


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  1. Nice work Buck, these came out well. Glad to see the Hogan’s Heroes painted! Hoping to finish my Robot Platoon this week (maybe). Impressed by your speed!


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