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Reaper’s BONES IV Kickstarter Announced!

Chris Palmer

   For those that may have missed it, Reaper announced their new Bones Kickstaeter will be starting next month.  Exact date is yet to be released.

   Also it looks like this year they will be doing an RPG quest map theme for the stretch goal journey.

      Just like with Bones 3, going into it I feel I’ll probably just pick and choose a few things, as I’m quite overwhelmed with Bones minis at the moment. 🙂  However, when the rubber hits the road I have a feeling I’ll fail my will roll quickly, and be going in for the full Core Set.

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Combat Patrol(TM) South Pacific Supplement is Almost Done!


I completed the South Pacific master cards today. These are for the South Pacific supplement to Combat Patrol™. I have sent them to DriveThru to do their magic to make the cards ready to print. At that time, I’ll send the revised masters to Sally 4th to get ready to print them in the UK. Soon afterward players will be able to purchase the cards from either DriveThru or Sally 4th. I have one more item to play test in the South Pacific supplement, vehicle-mounted flame throwers, and then it will be ready to go.
Why is there another set of cards? The vast majority of the rules are unchanged. There are a few new items in the free supplement, like Banzai charges, infiltration tactics, incapacitated Japanese lying on armed grenades, and die-in-place missions. This supplement is for the South Pacific, which had a very different tenor than other parts of the Pacific. One thing that came out in play testing is that the normal morale rules don’t seem very “Japanese.” These new decks have more unit-level morale results and fewer individual-level results. In play tests people felt that the new morale results seemed to represent Japanese behavior better.
There is a table in the supplement that can be used to cross index the card serial number from the 10 original Action Decks to find the Japanese morale result. I figured that people would get tired of that after a while, so there will be two new Action Decks just for Japanese units. You don’t NEED the new decks, but they will make life better if you play games set in the South Pacific. So the decks are finally done and ready to go to print. That should happen before the end of the month.

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