French 1:48 Scale Tanks


1:48 Scale Somua from Shapeways

I am getting ready to run a France 1940 game using Combat Patrol™: World War II at Historicon in July.  There is nothing like a convention promise to improve your painting throughput.  This past weekend the weather was nice enough I could sit in the back yard and airbrush six French tanks I recently purchased from Shapeways.  1:48 scale vehicles are difficult to find, but Shapeways had the ones I wanted.

French 1:48 scale H-35 light tanks from Shapeways

At this point the tanks look pretty pristine.  I like them that way, but the next time I get out the airbrush I may weather and dirty them up a bit.

FT-17 light tanks from Shapeways in 1:48 scale

from Buck’s Blog
from Tumblr


One thought on “French 1:48 Scale Tanks

  1. Nice models, and I think your air brushing worked well.

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