Slave2Gaming Alien Invaders


Invader wearing Alien "armor"

Invader wearing Alien “armor.” Why is it that everyone sees a dead Alien as a badge of honor? Since there was an Alien skull on the interior of a space ship in the second Predator movie, this seems to be iconic.

I recently received these alien invader figures from Slave2Gaming, which is an Australian outfit.  Their service was excellent, by the way.  I had a limited amount of painting time this weekend, so I was looking for something I could knock out quickly.

A squad of Invaders

A squad of Invaders

I primed them black and then sprayed them silver.  Then I applied a Citadel Nuln Oil wash.  I still have no idea what the heck a Nuln is or why it needs to be oiled, but is a pretty good black wash.

Invader leaders

Invader leaders

From many of my earlier blob posts you can see that I typically avoid the temptation to make all aliens green, but these guys were just crying to have green skin.  Though they had nice big eyes that would allow easy painting of pupils, I decided that the figures looked much more alien without them.

Invader heavy weapons

Invader heavy weapons

I have enough of these to make a full squad for Combat Patrol™ or GASLIGHT plus a heavy weapon team, and an overall leader.  I suspect that the overlords of whatever planet they came from feel that that is a large enough invasion force to take over Hoboken, Fitchburg, or Cucamonga.

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One thought on “Slave2Gaming Alien Invaders

  1. I like the colors. Agree, they needed green! I like your call on the eyes, that worked. As for taking over Fitchburg (where I was born) that might be an upgrade!

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