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Bombshell Miniatures Scout Ship


I acquired this scout ship kit from a buddy.  I assembled it a few weeks ago, but this weekend I finally had time to paint it.  I am very happy with this kit.  I am also very happy with Bombshell Miniatures.  When I got the kit from my buddy, it was missing one of the landing gear pads.  I sent an Email to Bombshell to see if I could buy a replacement pad.  The fact that it was missing was no fault of Bombshell; I bought it second hand; nevertheless, they put a replacement set of landing gear in the mail, and I received it in a couple of days.

This is the cover art on the box, so you can see what to order if you want one of your own.

This ship has a definitely retro feel.  There is a lot f nice detail on the kit to really make it pop.  These pictures make it look sort of white, but I painted it with an silver spray paint.

In addition to this kit, I also knocked out some “space giants” I got from my buddy Ma’k.  You can see how they stack up against a variety of 25mm and 28mm figures in the following pictures.

The figures other than the space giants have been discussed in earlier blog posts.

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1/72 Fantasy Campaign, Part 2

Rob Dean

This one will just be a short update…using the techniques in Jared Blando’s book on fantasy maps, I have drawn up and tinted an area movement campaign map for the proposed solo campaign. I threw in zones for a Necromancer contingent, some lizard men, and the dragons, all of which I could paint, though not in army strength.

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