Dave Wood’s Combat Patrol(TM) Games of Boer War


Dave is writing a supplement to Combat Patrol™: World War II to adapt the rules to the Boer War and the Zulu War.  At Cold Wars he ran a Boer War ambush scenario using the to-be-released supplement.

from Buck’s Blog http://ift.tt/2o2sjhB
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2mSzusJ


5 thoughts on “Dave Wood’s Combat Patrol(TM) Games of Boer War

  1. Nice job on the write up and congrats to Dave!

  2. bucksurdu says:

    Dave is becoming the HAWKs convention “Iron Man” in terms of numbers of games run in one convention.

    I think the Boer War supplement for Combat Patrol(TM) is nearly ready to be published. I think one or two more tests will do it.

    • Scott Blair says:

      Hi Buck, I am Scotland based big fan of Combat Patrol. Used it a lot for French Indo China War but was delighted to see there might be a Boer War variant. I have a lot of 28mm figues for the Second Boer War. Any idea when it might be released?

  3. Scott Blair says:

    Thanks Buck, really appreciated ! Scott

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