Quick and Easy Gem Painting

Chris Palmer

   Over on the Reaper Forum, I received a comment on the gems I did on Monday’s Storm Giant figure; so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on how I paint them.  I picked this method up somewhere along the way; I’m not quite sure where now.

      No matter what color you’re using, I begin by painting the gem a solid mid-tone.

 I then do a crescent moon shape at the top with a dark tone, and then the same at the bottom with a light tone of the base color

 Next, I add a White highlight dot at the 11 o’clock position on the top, and a large White highlight oval shaped dot at the bottom 5 o’clock position.

      Lastly, I cover the gem with a gloss varnish.  While it doesn’t look particularly good blown up this big, the effect usually looks very good on the small gems you find on figures.

via All Bones About It http://ift.tt/2goxo3J
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2gnpO5D

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