My buddy Ma’k made some molds of these long out-of-production figures.  They are ducks from the RuneQuest line.  He gave them to me a few months back, and this weekend I was able to get them painted.

A view of some of the ducks

A view of some of the ducks

Another view

Another view

I painted half with the “sun” design on their shields and the other half with the “moon” design.  This unit should see action in the near future, I hope.  The the feathers fly!

A final view

from Buck’s Blog
from Tumblr


One thought on “Ducks!

  1. Glad to see you made such a nice finish with these. This was the smallest figure (outside of weapons) that I have cast so far. I am happy that the details came out and you did great with them. I like the way you based them as well – gives me some ideas. It’s really rewarding to see your take on my castings. Bring on the Space Roomans! Btw I should have my blog entry on my original Roomans tomorrow – and I think you’ll really like the final product!

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