Completed 11 Khanopian Guards


A few weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of figures from Wargames Supply Dump in the Dirk Garrison range.  I had been working on them a half hour at a time most of the week, but today I had a chance to finish them up.

The figures have a very retro comic book styling to them that I really like, so I painted them in primary colors.  I finished them late and needed to use the flash to photograph them, so you see a lot of shine, and much of the detail is washed out.  The figures look better than these photos.

I really like the crew-served weapon.

from Buck’s Blog
from Tumblr


One thought on “Completed 11 Khanopian Guards

  1. Cool! Look like they just came from a 1950’s or 1960’s comic book!

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