Star Ducks are Done


Five Archive Miniatures Star Ducks

Five Archive Miniatures Star Ducks

Late last night before packing for a family vacation, I finished 36 of these Archive Miniatures Star Ducks.

Star Ducks with Wargames Supply Dump weapons

Star Ducks with Wargames Supply Dump weapons

For a few of the ducks whose weapons were not well cast, I ordered some retro science fiction weapons from the Dirk Garrison line from Wargames Supply Dump.  I think these retro weapons look good on the Star Ducks.  I will treat these as some sort of crew-served weapons.

26 Star Ducks

26 Star Ducks on my painting table

There were 36 ducks in total.  I made three ten-duck units, including a squad leader and assistant squad leader.  There are also six extra ducks that will be the platoon leader and some crew-served weapons.

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4 thoughts on “Star Ducks are Done

  1. I love the work you have done on these and on the conversions. Which Product Code did you get for the conversions? I must say that that was a better option than SMG’s! I recently cast a few more of these and with better temperature control and a bit more tin I have been able to get good casting of the ray guns. I also found that removing them from the mold more carefully and careful use of the gate cutter made a difference too. The big question is when will they see action and how will you assign values to them in Combat Patrol?

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