Santa-Themed Enchanter Warband for Frostgrave

Chris Palmer    Over the past few months I have been slowly working on assembling a Santa-themed warband for Frostgrave that is headed by an Enchanter and his apprentice.  This week I finally finished the last figure for it, and while I have shown a few figures individually in the past, I thought I would present the whole complete group here today.
   First up is the Enchanter wizard himself and his Apprentice, in the form of Santa and Mrs Claus:

 Next, up is the Treasure Hunter, and Marksman.  These rolls are filled by Yukon Cornelius (From the 60’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV special), and Black-Powder Peter (from the Dutch Christmas folklore).

   Following up is four Thieves, in the form of four of Santa’s Elves from the North Pole’s Gift Repossession Department.

      Lastly, we have a pair of Thugs named Blitzen and Donner.  Santa’s reindeer need something to occupy themselves with when not flying the sled around. 🙂

     And here’s the whole gang in one picture.  I’m really pleased with how this band came together, and look forward to getting a chance to try them out on the table.

via One More Gaming Project
from Tumblr


2 thoughts on “Santa-Themed Enchanter Warband for Frostgrave

  1. Very nice work Chris – excellent ensemble combining multiple elements – very impressive indeed and thanks for sharing!

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