10mm Scourge Tank Battalion for LSNC: Sci-Fi

Chris Palmer    We are slowly gearing up to begin work on our latest rulebook in the “Look, Sarge, No Charts” series of rules.  This will be geared towards Near Future and Science Fiction battles.   Therefore, I have been busily working on assembling some forces to use during playtesting; and have just completed my first full tank battalion.

The entire battalion

    I used tanks from the Scourge faction from Hawk Wargames Dropzone Commander range.  Since I didn’t see needing a ton of Anti-Aircraft vehicles, which came with the Scourge Starter Sets I purchased,  I converted them to be HQ tanks for each company and the battalion.  I chose the Scourge becuase I like hover tanks, and I felt they had a cool alien look about them.

The Battalion HQ stand.

     I organized the battalion in a basic 3 by 3 arrangement of three companies with three platoons each.   I will probably eventually create an actual AA platoon stand to attach to the Battalion HQ once we start working on the aircraft support rules.

A company of three platoons and an HQ. 

via One More Gaming Project http://ift.tt/1s7SQfz
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1WQU8Zs


3 thoughts on “10mm Scourge Tank Battalion for LSNC: Sci-Fi

  1. bucksurdu says:

    The Scourge tanks look good, Chris. I think you like them, because you are a Marylander, and the tanks look like crab claws.

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