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Also at tonight’s meeting was a Wild West gunfight using…

Also at tonight’s meeting was a Wild West gunfight using Combat Patrol rules.

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Frostgrave was one of the games at tonight’s meeting.



Frostgrave was one of the games at tonight’s meeting.

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Bringing up the guns

Norman Dean

As I mentioned at the tail end of my last post, the next step in my Imagi-nations project has been to put together some artillery for the Elabrüners. This has finally been completed–as anticipated, these were not the easiest fellows to paint. They are the Waterloo 1815 Austrian Artillery 1859, and PSR’s dubiousness is pretty justified–there are some flaws with the poses, and I did not have the time to try to de-warp the cannon wheels. Still, like most figures they look a bit better with some paint on them:

Three views of the new artillery piece

And with the acquisition of this gun, I know have examples of each unit type on each side! Time for a review:

From left to right: light infantry, artillery, command, cavalry, line infantry.

More Occiterran cavalry are next, then more Elabrüner cavalry… and then I might finally be ready to play a game with these guys! (And there may be some terrain-building along the way as well…)

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Strangest Scratchbuild: The Spirometer Sci-Fi Pumping Station

Chris Palmer   A question was asked today on The Miniatures Page regarding what was the strangest object you had ever used to scratchbuild a piece of scenery.  This got me thinking about my many projects over the years.  After some recollection, I landed on the 25mm Sci-Fi pumping/fueling station I made using an old Spirometer that many years ago I had come home from the hospital with, after a bad bout of pnemonia.

     A Spirometer is used to help exercise your breathing and help you to expand your lungs and maintain their normal function.   I mounted my old one on a foamcoare base, and added a small foamcore building, as well as other bits and bobs to help disguise it.

   It’s been over a decade since I built this, and it is still one of the pieces I’m most pleased with.

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