In The HAWKs Room at Cold Wars on Friday

Chris Palmer Here are a few shots I took of just some of the various games taking place on Friday in the HAWKs Room at Cold Wars, in Lancaster PA. , this past weekend.

Dave Wood’s “A Skirmish During the First Boer War” game using modified Combat Patrol rules.

Another shot of Dave Wood’s Boer War game.

Don Hogge’s “Drums Along the Oswego” game using Muskets and Tomahawks rules. 
A closer look at Don’s game, as French and Indians attack a British blockhouse.

Rob and Norman Dean’s “Dragon’s Gambit game, using Chaos Wars rules. 

A closer look at "Dragon’s Gambit”, as forces of the empire combined with the good creatures of the land, try to repel evil marauders from the east.
Jim McWilliam’s “Who Want to Take a Viking Cruise”, using SAGA rules.

A close-up of Jim’s SAGA game, as Vikings try to round up some extra crewmen (and women) for their trip home.

The Bear Yourselves Valiantly game I ran featuring Elves vs a Lizardmen/Goblin alliance.  You can read about it in my previous blog entry.

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