The Tree of the Wizard, for Forstgrave

Chris Palmer    I had this old shrubbery root sitting around the workshop for a long time. And while I always knew I wanted to make some sort of tree out of it, I was never sure exactly how I wanted to put it to use.  Then I recently had the idea to use it a a piece of Frostgrave terrain, inspired by the Tree of the King that grew in Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
     It didn’t take long to glue it to a base, build up a little mound around it, and add some gravel, to complete the project.
   I can see running a scenario where the tree is the Frostgrave Tree of Magical Wisdom, with a single bloom growing at the very top (sprouted now that the city has started to thaw); and which ever wizard can get the flower gets an extra roll on the treasure tables.

I don’t think I will do any winter effects on the tree, so I still have the opportunity to use it in games outside of Frostgrave.

via One More Gaming Project
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