A Fourth Combat Patrol (TM) Video


I just posted another Combat Patrol ™ Instructional video on YouTube. This one describes the process of anti-tank fire. You can get to it through the rules’ Web page or directly on YouTube.  Check it out!

One of life’s great joys: knocking out a Nazi tank.

from Buck’s Blog http://ift.tt/1QCrDL8
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1nxJ2cO

3 thoughts on “A Fourth Combat Patrol (TM) Video

  1. Good video! I would encourage a second one where you can see the vehicle cards and procedures you demonstrated in a way that shows how you proceeded down the algorithm. Maybe a tank on tank action? I don’t know if you can freeze frame the procedures card (not the Combat Patrol Deck – that was pretty clear). That was the only place I got a bit confused, but hey, I’m getting older! Kudos my friend!

  2. bucksurdu says:

    Thanks, Mark. I was trying to be a little careful not to give away the farm for free. The message I hoped to convey is that the process is easy and fast.

  3. Makes sense to me! Gotta sell!

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