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Derro Trio

Norman Dean The notion of gathering a team to explore the slowly-thawing ruins of a once-great city seems a little on the nose today, given the blizzard that’s currently hitting the East Coast. None the less, here are the latest additions to my growing band of adventurers–a trio of rather grumpy-looking dwarves.

(OK, technically they’re listed as “derro,” which in D&D are some demented subspecies of dwarves, but I did not bother to look this up before painting them, and thus they lack the distinctive coloration of derro. So–dwarves.)

First, we have just a regular Derro, apparently one of a set of three, though I didn’t end up with either of the other two. I had a bit of fun doing his hat. He doesn’t seem particularly heavily armed or armored (just some sort of hook/club thing and some rope) so I’m thinking he’ll be a rogue or thief.

This guy is the Derro Leader, a little more heavily armed than the first. He’s kind of asymmetrical; his left arm has some sort of padded protection and a thick leather glove, while his right arm is bare except for an oddly-shaped buckler. In Frostgrave terms, he’ll probably end up as a Thug.

And here we have the Derro Mage. His pendant strongly suggested an eye, so that’s how I painted it. Between that, and his demon belt-buckle, his Frostgrave role may be a Summoner.

And here are the three of them together! The Derro Leader’s scale armor is a little more apparent from this angle. All in all, I had fun with these guys–as Bones go, they didn’t have too much extraneous detail, and their somewhat exaggerated features give them some character. I ended up playing around with some unusual color choices as well, especially with the first two.
I have some more Bones in my queue, but I think I’m ready for a change of pace–my next goal will be to get some officers and flags painted for my 19th-century imagi-nations…

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Combat Patrol(TM) Design Articles on Cigarbox Battles


I wrote a longish article on the design process for Combat Patrol™: World War II.  It was originally serialized and posted on The War-games Website.  After the six-month exclusive period expired, the articles have been reposed on Cigarbox Battles.  The first three parts of this four-part article are posted now.  Please give them a read and let me know what you think.  I have always found reading about how other serious designers go about their design process.  If you haven’t heard of Combat Patrol™, see the rules’ Web site here.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 will be published in February.

While you are at the Cigar Box Battles site, this is a fun article.

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