10mm Mage-King of the Lizardmen (Games Workshop Conversion)

Chris Palmer    This week I completed the commander-in-chief figure for my Lizardma Army: The Mage-King of the Lizardmen.  For the base of it I used the Games Workshop Lizardman “Tetto’eko” figure, which I was fortunate enough  to get a good deal on from a friend at last year’s Barrage convention Flea Market.

    To make the conversion from 28mm to 10mm I did a couple modification.  First, I cut the tall feathers off of each of the side partitions to reduce the overall height appearance. And then I simply didn’t add the pair of pillars that are suppose to go on the deck, and the three that are mounted underneath. After I assembled the throne, I test fit different arrangements of Pendraken 10mm Lizardmen until I found a pleasing composition.  It was then just a matter of painting the throne and its occupants.

  I am pleased with how it came out.  I think the original model is just scale-neutral enough to make a convincing king-sized 10mm throne.

via One More Gaming Project http://ift.tt/1IoaBxC
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1CSmHwS


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