Finished More Crooked Dice Figures


Crooked Dice "Daredevil Pilots"

Crooked Dice “Daredevil Pilots”

While my buddies are at Historicon gaming themselves into a sleep-deprived stupor, I had to work today.  After work, I finished a few figures that were sitting on my painting table.

Crooked Dice "Big Tam Frazer"

Crooked Dice “Big Tam Frazer”

They are all nice figures that paint up easily.  The detail is clean.  Some of the facial features on the Daredevil Pilots were a little obscured after I primed them, but otherwise, I am very happy with the figures.

Crooked Dice "Metalnaut" and "Pandora King"

Crooked Dice “Metalnaut” and “Pandora King”

The silver-faced man is a “cybernaut” from a couple of episodes of The Avengers television show, and he is facing a very nice likeness of Emma Peel from the same show.

Tomorrow after working a few hours, I will brave the insane and obscene DC traffic to get to Historicon.

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