10mm Magister Millitum Chariots


10mm Magister Millitum chariots

10mm Magister Millitum chariots

I have been using Roman Circus for light chariot racing games.  The rules are the right balance of beer and pretzels as well as what seems to be a good representation of chariot racing.  I have been using reproductions of Marx Ben Hur play set chariots in 54mm (see a previous post on this subject).  I wanted to replicate that game in 10mm for easy transport on airplane flights, etc.  While there are a number of manufacturers of accurate racing chariots in 10mm and 15mm, I was wanted that Ben Hur look.  When I found the right looking chariots, they had the wrong drivers and vice versa.  I sent an Email to Richard at Magister Millitum.  He combined chariots from one catalog item with drivers from another.  I finished painting them this weekend, and made two tracks for them:  and typical oval one and one in a figure eight.

10mm Chariots

10mm Chariots

These were inexpensive enough that I even ordered six chariots without horses or drivers to make wreck markers in the game.  All of this will fit into a single Really Useful Box, so I will likely bring the game with me to Historicon next weekend for pickup games.

from Buck’s Blog http://ift.tt/1HVCJbo
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1HVDwZM


One thought on “10mm Magister Millitum Chariots

  1. Love the colors! Nice job Buck!

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