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Don’t ask; don’t tell!

Don’t ask; don’t tell!

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Stompy robots dancing together in Kevin’s Mobil Suit…

Stompy robots dancing together in Kevin’s Mobil Suit Gundam game.

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Dave’s Kasserine Pass LSNC game at HAWKs night.

Dave’s Kasserine Pass LSNC game at HAWKs night.

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A Little Celebration!

Chris Palmer

  Just wanted to pass along a couple bits of celebratory news here at the “All Bones About It” blog. First, this week the blog reached it’s 50,000 view! So I wanted to pass along my thanks to all those who have stopped by and visited over the past couple years; and a special thanks to those of you who liked what you saw and hung around for frequent visits. 🙂
Secondly, I just recieved notice today that my Wave 6 Bones II box has been shipped. So look for those figures to start salting their way into the mix in the weeks ahead!

Hi there!  We’re shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

You’re getting:
Expansion Set 1 x1
Dragons Don’t Share x1
Mashaaf, Great Old One x1
Water Elementals x1
Mouslings x1*
2013 Core Set x1

  *The Mouslings were ordered for a friend, so I won’t be painting those.

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Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard: Figure 138 of 265

Chris Palmer

      This week I painted Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard, from the Dwarves Set.  In thinking about how I wanted to paint him, I decided I wanted to go with an all gray theme, (I’ll forgo the 50 shades jokes 🙂  ), like he was a natural part of the rocky Dwarf world he inhabited; almost becoming one with the stones.  One of things I learned in doing this is that it seems half my bottles are labeled as “grey”, and half as “gray”…I’m not sure which is correct or whether they’re interchangeable?
      So, I prepped this figure in the usual way; soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish- soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying.  I then glued the figure to a 1” black-primed fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and glued the washer to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of Elmer’s White Glue.
    I began by painting the figure all black, base and all; and then giving it a heavy drybrushing with Folk Art “Medium Gray”.  I then drybrushed over this more lightly with Duncan “Slate Grey”.  I made an attempt to mostly, but not completely, avoid his boot with these colors, so it only got the hint of some drybrushing on it.

Next, I painted his staff with Folk Art “Barn Wood”. I then painted his sleeve with Folk Art “Poppy Seed”, and his pants leg with GW “Shadow Grey”. I mixed some Americana “Shading Flesh” with some of the “Medium Grey” (about 50/50) and painted his face and hands with the blended color.

I then carefully drybrushed his beard and hair with Apple Barrel “Rock Grey”. I also decided to add some decorative touches, and painted his hat and sleeve bands with the “Shadow Grey”, and then went back and trimmed them with Folk Art Platinum Gray”.  I painted his scabbard with Aleene’s “True Grey”, and his pouches, belt, and sword grip with Americana “Charcoal Grey”.  I then painted his pipe with American “Dove Grey”.

    When everything was dry, I gave the entire figure a wash with GW “Badab Black” wash”.

     After the wash was good and dry, I went back and drybrushed his staff with the base “Barn Wood”.  I then added his eyes by painting the whites white and doing black pupils. I added highlights to his beard with first the base “Rock Grey”, and then some of the “Platinum Gray”. I added some highlights to his robes with the “Slate Grey”.  Then, I mixed some of the “Shading Flesh” with some of the “Slate Grey” and added highlights to his face and hands. Likewise, I mixed some of the “Slate Grey” to the “Charcoal Grey” and highlighted his pouches. and belt.  I followed up by adding highlights to his pipe with the “Dove Grey”, sleeve with the “Poppy Seed”, and pants with the “Shadow Grey”.  I realized I hadn’t done his eyebrows yet, so added them in by first painting them with the “Rock Grey”, and then adding some light “Platinum Gray” highlights.
    Lastly, I worked on the metals; painting the metal bits on his sword, staff, and pouches with Cermacoat “Metallic Pewter”. I also used this color to paint the beads in his beard, and the eyes on the staff’s dog’s head.  I then went back and added highlights to the metal bits with Folk Art “Silver Sterling”.
    I decided I actually wanted his base to look less grassy than usual, so I took the time to  drybrush his textured base with Americana “Mississippi Mud”, and then went back over it more lightly with GW Foundation “Deneb Stone”.
        The next morning I gave the figure a coat of  Ceramcoat “Mate Varnish”. Later that afternoon, I glued a small stone on the base and then flocked it.  The following day, I sprayed the figure with “Testor’s Dullcote”. 

I’m very pleased with how this fellow turned out. I think he has a great wizened look about him.

Figure 138 of 265: Complete

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Completed Three More Litko Buildings


Three new Litko buildings

Three new Litko buildings

For several months I have been working on these three Litko buildings that I bought almost a year ago.  I had assembled them and prepared them for my daughter to paint — she likes to paint terrain pieces — but then they languished for several months.  Finally in the last three weeks I finished them off.

Closeup of the Main Street Food Store

Closeup of the Main Street Food Store

These buildings will supplement my pulp city that has been featured in previous postings to my blog.

Closeup of the Mens' Clothiers

Closeup of the Mens’ Clothiers

I know that MDF buildings are all the rage these days.  Litko began making them before they became popular.  Unlike 4Ground and some of the other manufacturers, the Litko buildings are not pre-painted.  They also don’t feature the tab and slot construction.  For pulp games they are excellent, and I enjoy painting them.

Closeup of the Putnam County Record newspaper building

Closeup of the Putnam County Record newspaper building

This latest batch of 6 buildings from Litko (the three pictured in this post and three others in a previous post) have laser cut clear plastic pieces to be glued behind the window and door frames.  You wouldn’t think that the clear plastic would make a difference compared to simple openings for the windows, but they have a really nice look on the table.

Closeup of the pediment above the clothier

Closeup of the pediment above the clothier

The shape of this pediment was crying out for something more ornate than simple painting.  I used a variety of images I found on the Web to assemble this pediment.  I think the effect is pretty good.

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Preparing for the Battle of Paris

Chris Palmer This past Saturday, a few of the HAWKs got together at Duncan’s house to work on the terrain for our Saturday morning “Fate of Battle” Battle of Paris game we will be running at Cold Wars:

   S-194 – Battle of Paris, 1814
Sat. 10:00 AM, 5 hrs, 12 players
GM: Buck Surdu and HAWKs
Napoleonic 10mm, Rules: Fate of Battle
Coalition forces converge on Paris for the final battle to oust
Napoleon. Napoleon is out raising another army while Joseph
manages the defense of the city. As the Austrians, Russians, and
Prussians prepare to attack the key Montmartre Heights Joseph is
busy building hasty fortifications; although, he was supposed to
have fortified Paris weeks earlier. Can Joseph hold Montmartre
Heights and Paris long enough for Napoleon to put another army in
the field, or will the Coalition force the Corsican Ogre into exile?

     The main goal of our session was to cut out and paint the large hill we would need to represent the Montmartre Heights, and to build the fortifications the French had during the battle.

Buck, Duncan, and Dave apply a base coat to the heights

  We started by drawing out the shapes of the heights on 2’ x 2’ foam panels, and then cutting them. Then, while Buck, Dave and Duncan worked on painting a textured dark brown coat on the hills, Buck’s daughter, Sam, and I worked on the log and gabion fortifications.

Sam works on building fortifications

  Unfortunately, Dave and I had to leave early due to the onset of a snow storm and a long drive ahead of us. The others who stayed, had a lunch break while the first coat of paint dried, and then finished up drybrushing a lighter brown coat on the heights.

Some of the finished hasty works

    It looks like we will need to meet again one more time to finish flocking the hill, and finish up work on the sections of canal that cut across the battle field.

The assembled and drybrushed hill. (Photo by Buck Surdu)
  We are using this terrain for double duty, as it will also represent our “Elven Capital” in our evening “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” game:
S-195 – Battle of the Elven Capital
Sat. 6:00 PM, 4 hrs, 12 players
GM: Chris Palmer and HAWKs
Fantasy 10mm, Rules: Bear Yourselves Valiantly
Forces of evil are massing to make the final assault on the Elven
capital of Palmerania. The Elf King Hout is out raising another
army, while the elves and their allies are busy fortifying the city.
Can the goblins, orcs, and other assorted bad guys crush the main
elven defense on the commanding Caledonian Heights before the
King arrives with reinforcements to lift the siege?

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10mm Lizardmen Giant Tortises with Howdahs for BYV

Chris Palmer This week I completed two giant tortoises with howdahs for a planned Lizardman army I want to build for my “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” forces.  The turtles are actually 15mm models from a lot of 15mm Lizardmen figures I bought on the TMP marketplace a while ago.  The Lizardmen figures are from Pendraken.     The original 15mm howdahs stood too tall for the 10mm figures, so I had to cut  the walls down about an 8th of an inch all around.

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Muskets & Tomahawks in Abingdon

Sunday I stopped by Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, MD for a game of Muskets & Tomahawks – part of an ongoing effort to bring historical gaming to those who only know the Games Workshop universe.

A force of Canadians was raiding into British territory with the intent to kill or drive off some settlers (The Slaughter mission).  A force of British regulars were nearby and deployed to protect the settlement (The Protection mission).

Remnants of the Highlanders fire at some Canadians in the wood line

Canadians units return fire, killing3 British soldiers and routing the rest

The battle swung back and forth….first the Canadians routed a unit, then the British routed a Canadian unit.  Ultimately, the Canadians drove the British from the field and razed the settlement.

Unfortunately, I usually forget to take pictures.  The game generated some interest but not sure I gained any recruits….this time.  The Saga game Jim and I ran last weekend did result in a couple of players purchasing Saga armies.

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10mm North Polenburg Hussars Completed for LSNQSYW Project

Chris Palmer This week I completed the 34th Hussar Regiment for my 10mm North Polenburg Imagi-Nation Army.  This is for a force I started based on a long standing club project, started by Rob Dean and myself, called the Not Quite the Seven Years War (NQSYW), in which members of the HAWKs created forces for their own 18th century Imagi-Nations using homecast 40mm figures.  I decided last year to do an offshoot project in 10mm for use with our “Look, Sarge, No Charts” series of rules…a little project I call Look, Sarge, its Not Quite the Seven Years War. (LSNQSYW) 🙂  (See this blog entry for more information on the project, and some photos of the rest of the 10mm North Polenburg Army.)

The North Polenburg 34th Hussars ready for action.

The regiment shown with one of their NQSYW 40mm counterparts.

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