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Viking Raid

Last week I was able to play a game of SAGA at Critical Hit Games.  Jim wanted to get better acquainted with the rules and test some of his Cold Wars scenario.  So we recruited two new players and started rolling dice.

We had a force of Viking raiders with Danish allies attacking a Saxon village.  The Saxon lord was on a trip around his lands collecting tribute.  With a threat of Vikings afoot, he brought some hired Irish mercenaries with him.

Viking raiders approach the village
Danes charge out of the trees ready to pillage
The Saxon contingent arrives
The Viking force had to attack the buildings in the village, defeat the defenders, and collect bags of loot.  The Saxon side had to protect the village and prevent the raiders from running off with the loot.  The Vikings managed to sack two buildings and grab two bags of loot. 
The Viking have broken into one building looking for loot

They  started to withdraw, sacrificing a couple units to slow up the Saxon pursuit.  It was enough to allow them to exit with 50% of the available loot.

The Danes have grabbed some loot and leave a rear guard to slow pursuit

Overall, a great game.  The two new players picked up the rules and using the battle board dice fairly quickly.

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Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, USAAF, and RAF


Despite recent knee surgery that had me flat on my back for a couple of days this week, I have managed to finish up some projects that have been in progress for a couple of months.  I finished the last 80 of my 10mm fantasy figures!  But this post is about my upcoming Cold Wars 2015 Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, USAAF, and RAF game.

Brits on Griffons

Brits on Griffons

In previous posts I showed pictures of the Eureaka German “Stukasauruses” and the Americans riding on giant eagles.  To go along with those forces, I wanted to put together a squad of British infantry riding on griffons.  Once again, Major Objective games came through with custom assembled and painted Brits.  The griffons were from Reaper Bones.  I used those griffons, because the plastic material from which they are molded makes it very easy to cut off the bases to make them look like they were flying.

Close up of some Brits on Griffons

Close up of some Brits on Griffons

GW style flight stands are pretty expensive.  I bought a bunch of 1/8″ clear plastic rod from an on-line hobby site and cut it into two-inch lengths.  I bought two-inch diameter MDF disks from the guy at the HMGS East conventions who sells self-serve Chinese takeout boxes full of bases.  A little work with a drill put correctly-sized holes in the bases and griffons.

The fur ball around the "bomber"

The fur ball around the “bomber”

In this picture you can see the American on giant eagles (left) chasing the giant pterodactyl “bomber,” Brits on griffons (right) attacking the bomber from the front, and the German Stukasaurus (center)  ”fighter escort.”

A close up of the "bomber"

A close up of the “bomber”

You can see the control levers and the turret I made to fit on the “bomber.”  The turret can rotate.



When I run this game at Cold Wars, I plan to use a slightly modified version of X-Wing.  I think the pterodactyl will have the stats of the Princess Leah shuttle, including the range-five weapon.

The "bridge" of the "bomber"

The “bridge” of the “bomber”

Brits on Griffons

Last view of Brits on griffons

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