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South Polenburg Enters the War

Chris Palmer Readers of my blog may remember that last year I started a project to recreate in 10mm the 40mm Imagi-Nation forces of my North Polenburg country. See here for more on that.  The goal had been to create armies suitable for using with the “Look, Sarge, No Charts” family of rules.  I had hoped that more of my club-mates might join in and and do their Imagi-Nations in 10mm as well, but so far interest has been small, with only Buck Surdu participating in the project.  So, I realized I would need to build more forces on my own in order to have enough to play games with.

The first Brigade under General Adelie. The Emperor’s Regt. in the center, with the 3rd Regt. on the right in the photo, and the 2nd “Chinstrap” Regt. on he left in the photo.

I therefore decided that I would start mirroring my North Polenburg armies with the creation of her counterpart, South Polenburg’s, forces.  The logic being that South Polenburg could act as both an ally to her northern sister, or as a break-away enemy, depending on the needs of the game.

This week I completed the South Polenburg 1st Brigade.  When considering the theme I was going to use for this army, the obvious idea that hit me was to go with a South Pole motif; so the Infantry uniforms are penguin based, as are the unit and officer names. The artillery uniform resembles the color of sea elephants or walruses.  For the South Polenburg flags, I decided to use the negative image of the North Polenburg flag’s star motif.

The General with the Emperor’s Regt. , and the 1st South Polenburg Battery

My plan is now to complete a second brigade so I ill have a full division, and paint a cavalry brigade as well.

The South Polenburg Emperor’s Regiment, on the left, shown with the North Polenburg Queen Jennifer Regiment on the right. Photo taken during a time of alliance between the two countries. 🙂

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Last of the Kobolds: Figures 110-112 of 265

Chris Palmer

     This week, I finally got around to completing the last three of the Kobolds from the Dungeon Attack set; which have been hanging around the painting table collecting dust for a while now. With the completion of these, I have put the Dungeon Attack set to bed now, and it can go on the Completed Set list over on the right.  
     When I prepared these long ago, I had soaked them in some water with a little dish soap added, and then gave them a light scrub with a soft toothbrush and then rinsed them.  When dry, I had sprayed them with Krylon Flat Black Camouflage with Fusion spray paint, and when that was dry, I had glued them to black-primed 7/8” fender washers with Aleene’s Tacky glue. I then glued the washers to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of Elmer’s white glue.

     Before I began painting the first group of Kobolds, I had consulted my old trusty D & D Monster Manual, to see how they had described them.  The manual had said that they were, “…a very dark rusty brown, to a rusty black.”    So,I had decided I wanted to go for the “rusty black” look and so far I had been happy with how this look had been turning out.  I started the usual way for the Kolbolds, by applying a coat of Folk Art “Barnyard Red” to the figures to get the “rusty” look.  Next,  I worked on their clothing, painting their loin cloths Accent “Real Umber”, and the this time I did the rest of the clothing with Americana “Burnt Orange.”

    Their assorted straps I painted with Americana “Mississippi Mud”. The back of the shield I painted DecoArt Cinnamon Brown”; and the shield handle and any pouches they were wearing I painted Americana “Asphaltum”.  For the front of the shield, I used Americana “Cadmium Red”.   I then moved to painting the spear shafts Folk Art “Barn Wood”, and the rope binding on the spears with Americana “Sable Brown”.  I wrapped up the non-metallics on he figures by painting their horns with Americana “Khaki Tan”, and  the skull belt buckles and their teeth and claws, with Americana “Buttermilk”.

     Now I painted the stonework bases with Folk Art “Medium Gray”, and I painted the little patches of vegetation on the Spear Kolbold’s base with DecoArt “Forest Green”.  Then, I did  the metal bits; sword, spear points, studs and buckle, with Ceramcoat “Metallic Pewter”, and the armored shoulder pieces on the two with swords using Accent “Princely Pewter”.

     After all the paint had a while to dry, I gave the figures a wash with thinned Vallejo “Black” ink. 

     I then went back and gave the figures’ skin and clothing highlights with the base colors I had used. I then painted black noses on the Kobolds, and “Cadmium Red” dots for eyes.  I also used the “Buttermilk” to highlight their teeth.   The weapon edges I gave highlights with Folk Art “Silver Sterling”.    After everything had time to dry thoroughly, I gave the figures a coat of Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish”.  When this was dry, I flocked the bases.  After the bases had overnight to dry, I sprayed the figures with Testor’s “Dullcote”

     So, that wraps up these little fellows.  Below is a shot of the whole clan ready for action. I think they make a fine little battle group.

     Figures 110-112: Complete

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