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Barbie’s Elven Watchtower in 25mm

Chris Palmer About a year ago I found this Barbie Rapunzel tower at a yard sale, and I bought it figuring I could make something from it some day.  Well, with my number of painted Reaper Bones fantasy figures growing, I’ve started thinking about using them in some games, and I thought it might a be a good time to actually do something with this Barbie tower.    I wish I could tell you more about it, other than it said, “Barbie Rapunzel” on it and was copyright in 2002.  It had a Barbie head in the tower that was on some sort of flip-up spring mechanism (which I had removed at some point soon after getting the toy). When I searched online for something similar, all I could find was the Barbie Enchanted Tower, which stands 20 inches tall.   This one is much smaller, coming in at only 8.5 inches tall; and where the big one opens up to create a play area, this one doesn’t open.

To begin with, I glued the tower to an old CD.  I then added a few pieces to complete the tower look.   To the front panel, to hide the barbie logo, I added a cardboard door, and a set of old plaster terrain stairs I had lying around.  Also, to the upper level, I added a plaster stonework circle, which I had.  I  added a small metal jump ring to the door to make a handle, and a small square of wood to the upper floor to make a trapdoor.

Shown with a 25mm Reaper Bones figure for scale.

When all the glue had dried, I sprayed the whole thing with Krylon Matte Black with Fusion.  I then dry-brushed it with three different layers of grey, working from darkest to lightest.  My final step was to do a very light dry-brush with white on the corners and floral carvings. I then painted the door and the roof with blue.

At first I was going to cover up the embossed rose bushes with clump foliage glued on, but I actually ended up liking the carved nature of them (one each side of the door), and I thought they helped the Elven appearance of the tower.

The finished tower shown with some 25mm Reaper Bones figures for scale.

I did however, glue some foliage on the back of the tower to hide the Mattel logo and copyright information.

All and all I’m very pleased with how this came out.  It was fun little project, and will make a great addition to a scenario.

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Skeleton Archers and Swordsmen: Figures 44 to 47 of 265

Chris Palmer

Last week I finished up the remaining four skeletons from the Undead Horde Set: two archers and two swordsmen.  I began by priming the figures with Krylon Camouflage with Fusion Flat Black spray paint, and then glued them to black-primed 1’ fender washers.

To start, I gave all four a heavy drybrushing with GW “Bleached Bone”.

I then gave them a  lighter drybrushing with plain white paint, then when dry, I gave them a light wash with GW “Devlan Mud” wash. Afterwards, I went over them again with a light drybrush of the plain white.

  This was followed with painting the archers’ bows and the arrow shafts with Americana “Mississippi Mud”, followed by the quivers and their straps with Apple Barrel “Burnt Sienna”.  For the fletchings, I drybrushed a light coat of GW “Codex Grey” over the black primer.

  On the swordsmen, I painted one shield with GW “Blood Red”, and the other with plain black.

I then gave the bows, arrow shafts and quivers a drybrushing with Folk Art “Barn Wood”.  Next I added decorations to the shields with plain white, and then painted the end caps of the bows, the sword hilts, and the back of the shields, rims, and hubs with Ceramcoat “Bronze”. The swords I painted with Ceramcoat “Metallic Pewter”. The straps on the shields were next, with Americana “Charcoal Grey”. Then I painted some splotches on the swords with Duncan Aged Metal “Iron”, and the strap rivets with the “Bronze”. Lastly, I gave the shield straps and the swords a wash with the “Devlan Mud” wash. 
   When everything had dried, I gave he figures a coat with Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish”, and then flocked the bases.  Afterwards, I sprayed them with Testor’s “Dullcoat”.

Overall I’m pleased with them, and they mark the completion of the Undead Horde set. They were nice simple figures to paint, and it feels good to get another set behind me

Figures 44 to 47: Complete

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