Vehicles for “Technical November”


November’s challenge in Azazel’s Bitz Box is “technical,” meaning vehicles.  I already had a bunch of Russian 1:48 scale tanks awaiting painting, and I intended to post those.  I also wanted to do something “new,” started after the announcement of the challenge.  So I decided to create two science fiction tanks for my Combat Patrol science fiction games.

I started with some cheap plastic tanks that came in a bag with some poorly sculpted and molded green army men.  Then I built up the super structure to make them look like assault guns.

The beginnings of the superstructure built on a cheap dollar store tank body. The superstructure is made of matt board, some plastic bits from the bit box, and an excess GW hatch.

I then added a few extra bits to make it look less homemade.

The addition of a few more bits, the hatch doors, and commander’s weapon, etc.

I then primed them with Army Painter Angel Green paint.

The vehicles after a coat of Angel Green paint.

I then decided to do something a little different.  I used some cans to Testor’s texture paint to apply what I hoped would look like dirt and weathering.

After the application of Testor’s textured paint.

I think I applied it a little too heavily for my first attempt.  So when I applied this technique to my Russian WWII tank, I went a little lighter.

Russian infantry in front of two T-26 tanks.

A closer look at a T-26 with the rare 37mm cannon.

Russian infantry in front of a KV-2 and KV-1.

A closer look of the KV-1

And now another look at the two science fiction vehicles.


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0 thoughts on “Vehicles for “Technical November”

  1. Nice scratch build on the sci-fi tank, pretty cool! That Army Painter Green is very WWII Soviet – is that painted with a rattlecan or an airbrush? Enjoyed seeing the T-26’s and KV’s. I am hoping to get done some of the same albeit in 1:100 scale! Your 1:48 looks great – you are well on the way on your Barbarossa project.

  2. Like ’em all, sci-fi and Russians! Don’t often see twin-turret T-26s so well done with that!

  3. bucksurdu says:

    Thanks from he comments. I am reasonably happy with how they turned out. The scratch build was fun.


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